• How do I set up my Pack ’n Play®? I can not get one rail to lock into place.

    When setting up the Pack 'n Play®, keep the center hub of the floor in its raised position (at least halfway raised) until each side rail is locked into place. Once each side rail is snapped into the locked position, the center of the floor can be pushed down. (Hint: the center of the floor will be easier to push down if you tilt the playard to one side). A set-up and take-down reminder has even been printed on the back of the mattress.

  • Does my car seat have an expiration date?

    Yes. All car seats have a suggested expiration date or “useful life.” On Graco car seats, that that is identified on the car seat as follows: "Do Not Use After December 20xx" (this information is molded onto the seat and the date of manufacture label is either on the bottom or the back of the seat—the expiration date is typically seven to 10 years from this date). Because there are changes in regulation and vehicles, new technology and other factors including general wear and tear of a car seat, we recommend that a car seat be replaced on or before the "Do Not Use After" date.

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